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Product Code#:IG-010030
Mini version of iTrainer incorporating the same intelligence


iTrainerMini  is a smaller version of its big brother, iTrainer™.  Discarding the screen, speaker and buttons, iTrainerMini weighs in at a lightweight 12.5g. It clips on to the club shaft just below the grip and has no impact on the golf swing, yet is able to accurately measure and analyze swing characteristics of drivers, irons and putters.

iTrainerMini™ incorporats the same intelligence as the iTrainer, but unlike its big brother, it is designed to work with external devices like a golfer's smartphone or tablet running the iConsole™ application or iAcademyLite™ for the PC.

  • iTrainerMiniTM works anywhere a club or putter can be used, on a driving range, or at home; light weight at 12.5g, attaches easily to any club or putter
  • Reviews swings, putts and data on PC, Android and Apple computer tablets and smartphones
  • Immediate audible feedback in drill mode; real-time transfer of data to your hand-held device
  • Advanced putting graphics and model, with a display similar to high-end putting systems costing thousands of dollars
  • All swings/putts can be stored, replayed and reviewed
  • Helps users of all ability levels by tracking improvement and consistency
  • Works with third party product allowing more advanced training capabilities including studio training, simulated driving range, target golf and full course experiences
  • Provides more information than most systems costing many times more! 


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